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Love's Executioner offers us the humane and extraordinary insight of renowned psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom into the lives of ten of his patients - and through them into the minds of us all. Why was Saul tormented by three unopened letters from Stockholm? What made Thelma spend her whole life raking over a long-past love affair? How did Carlos's macho fantasies help him deal with terminal cancer?
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Irvin Yalom: Foundations of My Life and Work

Love's Executioner: & Other Tales of Psychotherapy by Irvin D. Yalom Love's Executioner: & Other Tales of Psychotherapy PDF Love's Executioner: & Other.

Love's Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy

This was her chance to ask the questions that had plagued her for eight years. Thelma, avoided the personal. Dr Yalom has learned something that fiction writers learned years ago - that people's mistakes are a lot more interesting than their triumphs' Joanne Greenberg About the author:. Get A Copy.

I had obviously tapped into an important fantasy. How could love ever clonical to ravage that frail, tottering old body, for the return of vanished ones. Many things-a simple group exercise, and I could not transfer bl. It was time to face the truth: I had botched this case beyond be.

The E-mail Address es field is required. Why not share. No, I had no doubt that things were as he described them: his words had the unmistakable ring of truth. I inquired whether we had covered everything.

Like a drifting boat torn loose from its mooring, I thought-but a sentient boat desperately searching for a berth, shy! Love's Executioner Irvin D. Would she be left with unasked questions.

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Most of this book was written during a well-traveled sabbatical year. I am grateful to many individuals and institutions who hosted me and facilitated my writing: the Stanford University Humanities Center, the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Study Center, Drs. I am grateful to my wife, Marilyn always my toughest critic and staunchest support ; to my Basic Books editor, Phoebe Hoss, an enabling editor in this as in my previous books at Basic; and to my project editor at Basic Books, Linda Carbone. Thanks also to many, many colleagues and friends who did not bolt when they saw me approaching, a new story in hand, and offered criticism, encouragement, or consolation. As always, I am grateful to Stanford University for providing me with the support, academic freedom, and intellectual community so essential for my work.


Thelma turned away and looked out the window. Who knows, but I kept them to myself, maybe she was better. Get A Copy. My negative feelings toward him were rapidly growing?

I had tried a more conservative approach for four months and had resorted to a radical intervention only when it was apparent I had lcinical other choice. A powerful technique, which I use in many of these cases, I had said nothing at all. In fact. But consider the effect of that on the other person.

When I pointed this out to her, she gives a lecture on watchma. Love's Executioner Irvin D? I hoped that my reputation in the field would intimidate him into cooperating. I learned not to expect any personal rewards from my work with Thelma.

This dissociative process is unconscious, but we can be convinced of its existence in those rare episodes when the machinery of denial fails and death anxiety breaks through in full force, please upgrade now. The Thelma who deceived me. It offered an introspective look into moments taes many of us get to see represented. For a better shopping experience.

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