Ib business and management notes pdf

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ib business and management notes pdf

IB Business and Management Chapter Notes | Chief Executive Officer | Marketing

They then purchase resources, which are the inputs of the business, or factors of production, in order to produce output. It is also called as the factors of production, which includes: Land: Renewable and non-renewable resources of nature Labor: Manual and skilled labor Capital: Finance needed to set up a business ex computers, machinery Enterprise: The ability to make decisions and take the risk - Outputs: Outputs are goods and services that satisfy consumers needs usually with the aim of making profit Output could be: Goods, or Consumer products FMCG's. Items bought on a regular basis. Examples are food in a supermarket, papers and magazines etc. Each item has little value.
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Saquib Ahmad. International Baccalaureate IB. Practice past paper questions as you learn new topics in the classroom. This is known as deindustrialization.

Learn more about the best schools for human resources degrees and what you can do with them here. Much more than documents. How to Write an Amazing College Essay. Essentially this describes how close the business is to the customer in the distribution chain.

How much is each job worth, but you can find the complete list of resources here, fringe benefits and so on. Designed by Stampede Design. Governments play a role in the production of goods. We included some pages in our list above.

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Credit control - the process of collecting debts and managing payments? Prototypes of new products may be tested by the marketing department with potential customers. Module 2 and Module 5 are not required for Standard Level. IB Business and Management Chapter 1.

Not intended for sale as they are the 'life blood' of the White Goods - Kitchen goods such business. They are often described and classified by their function: - Owners - the nature of ownership depends on the legal structure of the firm. Total national output Gross Domestic Product increases and this raises mznagement standards of living. William Maloney.

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Introduction to Business Chapter 1

October 27, The content of these notes are retrieved from Wikirevise see note at the end of this article. I made it into a PDF file so that you can print it out preferably into booklet form for easier reading and revision. These notes do not include any new material required for the new syllabus starting for exam year Note that the notes for Module 4: Human Resource Management is not available due to the notes in Wikirevise is not completed thumbs down to those responsible or of sub-par quality. Module 2 and Module 5 are not required for Standard Level.


Work the Way You Like! Awesome customer support We don't do complicated automated systems. Value is added to the countrys output of raw materials rather than simply exporting there as basic, unprocessed products. As the rest of the world industrializes, so manufacturing business in the developed countries face much more competition and these rivals tend to be more efficient and use cheaper labor.

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Mathematics SL. There, you'll find resources that cover the IB exam as a whole. Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers. Consumer durables.

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