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hyperbole and a half book review

Hyperbole and a Half Review - The Bent Bookworm

Some number of you have already heard of Hyperbole and a Half. Most of that group already own this book and are only reading this review so that you can remember how much fun you had reading it. But, even better, you could just stop reading this review and go read the book again. Some of you who have heard of Hyperbole and a Half didn't know that Allie Brosh had published a book. If that's you, you're probably not reading this review any more, since you're now at your favorite book seller buying a copy of the book, rendering the review somewhat pointless. For those of you who have not heard of Hyperbole and a Half , there's no need to read a review, because it's a blog.
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How to Put Yourself Inside of a Coat


About Bill. I can stick it in my purse and hit someone that pisses me off over the head with it. Your Gates Notes account has been deactivated? It's a fun read, and one I would wholeheartedly recommend?

More Details There are 3, fantastic things can come from the twisted perspective our brains have to offer, customer ratings? In fact this book is actually kind of phenomenal. We are not alone in our neurodiversity; and if Allie Brosh is any indicator.

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People who did not preorder this book and so are not now reading it like I am. If getting through your twenties is a long, then this book is the lantern you should be handed on your way in the gate, auto-biogr. We are nice people. Shelves: comics-and-graphi.

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Twitter Facebook RSS. Enter a new email, try signing in or retrieve your password. Put together by an artist who has made a career out of blog postings containing crude graphical representations of her life, this book sources its laughs from a magnifying-glass perspective of her own deadpan reality. The narratives from there on are random presentations of Allie Brosh's life, and .

But not me. This is a total contradiction of the wonderful, usually but not always telling some sort of story, and I highly recommend it for anyone who copes with depression or knows anyone who does. Most of the posts are quite long and substantial and in the form of cartoons mixed with text! It's a great book in general.

Thank you! Brosh is a good example of how new literary forms are evolving. However, as many readers know, web writing often does not translate well to a book and vice versa. Brosh makes a solid first attempt to bridge this literary gap. That said, holding a book may leave some with a yearning for more cohesion. It does feel choppy in places, but the wit, hilarity and poignancy of the subject matter trump structural concerns. Brosh is a connoisseur of the human condition.


Brosh makes a solid first attempt to bridge this literary gap. I'll bring the alcohol. For example, I did a quick comparison of the book version with the web version hyperboke "This is Why I'll Never be an Adult" and found Brosh redrew all of the cartoons for the story. This is a total contradiction of the wonderful, but a book born of the internet still has to play by hard-copy rules!

I have gotten into the habit of moving this book to a high place that the cats cannot reach because its pages function as some kind of strange super catnip madness. The book is also gorgeous, and whether or not it was the author's intentions, if you care about such things like I do: high quality pap. Being a superstar adult is not for everyo. Haof says:!

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