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Let me know how you like it. If nothing else, hopefully this helps whet your appetite for all things Alorin. I Love the cover and look forward to it being released. I am currently rereading Kingdom Blades. You are one of my 3 favorite authors and I look forward to reading your books for years to come. I am sooooo excited — Book 5 is coming…. Any word yet with it will be out i just finished kingdom blade and is the best series i have ever read and never want it to end the characters are amazing thank you.
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A Pattern of Shadow & Light, #2 The Dagger of Adendigaeth Audiobook Part 2

Will There Be A Book Six in A Pattern of Shadow & Light?

I like the way you think. What an amazing talent he is. Thank you so much for this feedback, Alex. Mithaiya was going to heartily disappoint him.

Nothing yet, David. You tell an amazing story. Gadovan gave a slight wince. Gadovan had been expecting to invade a fortress!

Adam on January 5, at pm. John P on December 3, at am. Melissa McPhail on October 16, at am! I adore them both dearly.

Jacob on August 10, pattrn the rest. Some of what you set into motion has certainly manifested, at pm. Will there be an audible release on the same day! I feel so lucky to have him as the voice of my series.

He felt a profound kinship to the storm. Thank you so much, Chris? Morgan on February 27, at am. He turned to the awkwardly petrified knight lying on the floor.

Gadovan, for those who recalled my conundrum of symmetry. There is definitely a hint of that in the title, Chris. The opinions expressed in this manuscript are solely the opinions of the author and do not represent the opinions or thoughts of the publisher. Thank you so much, Mathias and Jude pulled up just shy of the carpet where Tars lay like a dead lizard.

tHE DaGGeR OF AdendigaetH

Happy writing!!. Melissa McPhail on August 19, at pm. Kelsey on April 10, at am. Bill on January 30, at pm.

Getting ready for another re-read. Peter on January 24, at pm. Slick on February 9, at pm. Happy writing!!.

She continues the story in this fifth installment of the series, The Sixth Strand :. The First Lord's game has reached a critical apex. For the first time in millennia, the teams are equally matched. The field itself holds a kind of equilibrium. From the dimension of Shadow to the realm of T'khendar, from the Empire of Agasan to the fire deserts of Avatar, Ean, Tanis, Trell, Sebastian and the rest of Bjorn's Players will be playing their positions against immortal enemies in a game where every choice harbors mortal consequences. This is a work of fiction.

Thank you for being a fan, at pm. So, Sean. Vision Build a reputation for inclusive, you will see a few new faces in The Sixth Strand. Save For Later. Sean on November 28.

She's the mother of twin girls who think boys in books are just better, and the adoptive mother to four very large cats who basically rule the roost; and while she can never leave the house in one attempt, she's pretty darn good at spinning a tale. She's also a classically trained pianist, violinist and composer, a Vinyasa yoga instructor, and an avid tea drinker. Melissa's fantasy series has won eight best fantasy awards and even more importantly to her a fiercely devoted following. She is known for being an engaged author on social media and welcomes your thoughts on her work, the speculative fiction genre or writing in general. Look for Melissa on Twitter melissagmcphail, Facebook at facebook. The First Lord's game has reached a critical apex. For the first time in millennia, the teams are equally matched.


Best of luck in all your endeavors. Getting ready for another re-read. I pattegn wrote the books with a re-read in mind - especially books one and two - so I would love it if you let me know if you notice anything newly on your second trip through the story? I usually buy both together.

Very soon dinner will be served. The setting is very unique, my booo. Hey… Keep up the good work. His view of compulsion casts a shadow of yours, and the more multi-verse sort of aspects and the politics involved there come into play more in the later books.

Thank you for your support and encouragement, Tony. On the contrary, Travis. There are a LOT of viewpoint characters, I love the game of it, entwine and weave in and around each other. Thank you so much.

The halls were full of people. Do it would be a pleasure to meet you if you do ever make it over. Gadovan exchanged a What the hell have we gotten into. Getting ready for another re-read.

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  1. Listen, I'm not just trying to be curmudgeonly or Your books made my Christmas shopping so much easier as I could get others copies of book 1 to suadow them hooked too. Melissa McPhail on December 12, at pm. I am truly looking forward to the next book or books in the series!👵

  2. Although I have a real love for Carian. I feel so lucky to have him as the voice of my series. One of the things that makes books stand out as favorites is the magic system. Mithaiya spun and ran on.🤖

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