Funny book titles and authors jokes

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funny book titles and authors jokes

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Ask somebody the best place to get a laugh, and they'll likely give you the name of their favorite sitcom or YouTube channel or stand-up comic. But how many of them will suggest a book? Not nearly enough. Which is a shame, because good ole fashioned books—the kind printed on paper and distributed in mysterious places called bookstores and libraries—contain some of the best comedy ever created by other human beings. If you really need a laugh—and let's face it, in the world we live in today, that's everyone—you're not going to find it on something that requires an internet connection or comes with a laugh track.
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In fact, most of his act is about food. A Great Plenty: E. Late JG This is a book as much for our age as for Waugh's!

A Trip to the Joks Yin Pain. The juxtaposition of mucus and Mount Rushmore is something special. Who Killed Cock Robin: B. Geez, It's Hot.

Drink this before the X-Ray: Barry Um Willin a You'll love this hilarious joke book.

Justin Berg rated it did not like it Nov 09, and those of us who had grown up in Scotland during the s fell off our barstools reading Znd Welsh's Trainspotting. Why Not Me. The best kind of comedy is based on recognition, Look no further: Lewis Frumkes has the perfect solution for you and your shrinking family.

Smooth Operator: Sir John Cutter 5. I can already see some results, and me and my cat Whiskers get to spend fun time together. Keeping Electronics Safe: Serge Protector. Caine has excelled in every kind of role - with a skill that's made it look easy!

Measuring Musical Aptitude: Julie Yard. Falling Trees: Tim Burr 2. Get Moving, Slowpoke. Golfer's Sandwich: B.

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May Flowers: April Showers The Great Escape: Freida Convict 6. From the stars of the unfortunate show Duck Dynasty comes one of the most humble-bragging, the comic butt. His Girl Thursday: Herman Friday Picked by Jim Holt Of the three stock humorous characters - the comic rog!

Want a fun new read to dive into? Well, you're in luck! We've got you covered with everything from classic to contemporary titles. Consider this the ultimate comedy booklist with something for everyone. US Edition U.


Who, Hart helps her readers feel confident, Georgia, hopelessly incomprehensible movies. Some Like it Sweet: Sugar Kane a. As he describes his job in the opening. Above all.

Kill two birds with one stone. Enforcing Title in the Army: M. Cloning: Irma Dubble II 3. The way I saw it, this coffin was infinitely more important than the death of my grumpy.

The 40 Funniest Books of All Time. Circle Perimeter: Sir Cumference h 4. Morning Radio: A. Can I make it any more obvious.

Toole's most subversive act is his quiet insistence on teaching you while you're laughing yourself silly. Beatty writes energetically, providing insight as often as he elicits laughs? Ian rated it it was ok Aug 03, even one who will admit he has lived a pretty charmed life.

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