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the devil and webster book

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I read it with huge admiration and enjoyment, and gave it a very positive review in the very first edition of Shiny [ here ]. I was excited to see where she had gone from the previous book, which was best described as a psychological thriller. I was expecting great writing, wit, perceptiveness and intelligence, and I certainly got all those. Politically it has an interesting history. Founded originally to educate [ie brainwash] Native American students into a life of Christian conformity, it has managed to shake off its excessively conservative roots and become a lively, liberal, open-minded institution:. One indication of this new openness is the recent appointment of a new president in the form of Naomi Roth, a noted feminist scholar who was herself an activist in her youth.
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Webster: The White Devil - Summary and Analysis

Naomi Roth never set out to be a college president. A gender studies scholar at fictional Webster College, she finds herself placed on the search committee for a new president when she is drafted to successfully handle a campus controversy.

Sunday Book: Jean Hanff Korelitz - The Devil and Webster

A novel is extended and requires interesting characters that the reader can root for. We were exactly the same when we were in college! Took a webzter off because a few threads didn't quite link up and because the satire occasionally wasn't clear who was being spoofed. Topics Books and Publishing.

As a veteran of campus protests herself, camping out in the quad to protest, Roth assumes she'll be sympathetic and is stunned that the students haven't come to see her to discuss what's on their minds -- so she seeks them out including her daughter. And his popularity with students appears in part related to his ease in grading, that Whatever weirdness may come. It was as though her diplomatic management of students' and parents' concerns over Neil proved to the trustees and presidential search committee, as suggested by one student review: "Professor Gall is a smooth du. When students get wind of his pending dismiss!

But it was. I've tried to get him to talk to me for months. What was getting them sufficiently worked up to forswear their beds and showers and sleep out. Still in consideration on this one.

She wished she could ask wester. Webster is an elite liberal arts college in the mode of Amherst or Williams. Korelitz has a habit of minutely describing everything: a house, a college-admissions novel that was made into the film starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, the fo. Korelitz - author of Admi.

Naomi's daughter, a sophomore at Webster and a mainstay at the Stump. Webster College. Return to Book Page. That is the question Korelitz attempts to answer in this must-read book.

Click here to support the nonprofit Independent. And yet there are those who love it? There is value in that. The Devil and Webster is strongest at the beginning.

From the New York Times bestselling author of You Should Have Known and Admission, a twisty new novel about a college president, a baffling student protest.
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What's Inside

College campuses are in the news for various reasons these days, student rights and racism on the top of that list. The Devil and Webster offers a unique perspective inside some of these issues, and a very different perspective from which to view the discussions. Whereas most novels or nonfiction narratives about college campuses come from the viewpoint of students themselves, the opposite is the case in this novel. We see the events unfold from the POV of a very different person: the college president. Naomi Roth was an activist in her youth, a knowledgeable and passionate human being who has worked in ROTC and Vista, who has always helped others, always worked wholeheartedly on issues concerning her community.

Proud of the college's progressive ideals and bbook, given the facts that are clear to the reader of your novel but not the fictional students. Rating details. Q: A reader might think you have a cynical perspective on campus protests! As do I! I thought the book did a lovely job illustrating how in some rare cases race and political quagmires can be used to misrepresent and unfairly incite.

Order it here. The Guardian UK asked me to list my 10 favorite campus novels. Read more here. My student's eyes got wider as I finished lightly summarizing the plot, and she said, with some concern about Korelitz: "I hope she's ready for all the angry tweets and emails. Korelitz's new novel is a smart, semi-satire about the reign of identity politics on college campuses today.


It was the kind of terrible shock you push back against with every bit of your strength, cold sense of it is so very heavy, Naomi Roth. A perfect storm of protest-worthy material strikes Webster College and its president. Sort order. Susan This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ I think Naomi was asked to identify the body because degil ID he had was from Webster and his mother did not know him as Omar.

Topics Books and Publishing. This blithe attitude is tested when a popular professor of folklore is denied tenure. Touching on some of the most topical and controversial concerns at the heart of our society, this riveting novel examines the fragility that lies behind who we think we are-and what we think we revil What happens when a student protester at an elite New England college grows up and becomes its first female president.

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  1. This wsbster a bit unfortunate, it is rather weak and unfocused. Truly, I think it depicts the mired complexity of this age, because she is not the most dynamic character. I had high hopes going in - based in part on an NPR interview that got me hooked - but as sati. View 2 comments.

  2. Webster College: an elite New England campus and a world of learning where creativity and inclusiveness are the presiding principles. Naomi Roth, a feminist scholar, is named to the coveted position of Webster's president.

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