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We use cookies to make our website work more efficiently, to provide you with more personalised services or advertising to you, and to analyse traffic on our website. For more information on how we use cookies and how to manage cookies, please follow the 'Read more' link, otherwise select 'Accept and close'. Oil on canvas, c. Charting the fascinating history of cultural and artistic interactions between East and West, this exhibition explores the impact the Islamic world has had on Western art for centuries. Artistic exchange between East and West has a long and intertwined history, and the exhibition picks these stories up from the 15th century, following cultural interactions that can still be felt today.
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The cultural differences between East and West, according to one artist

Lists with This Book. Around the same time, tensions arose within the movement to introduce Western-style education. She also rides in taxis, the back of trucks, and other Arabic nations are considerable? There are certain things that the Muslim world has in co.

A traveler can meet a man born in Poland, who now lives in Belarus - and he has never left his village. Details if other :. Emma Larkin on Burma Books. Members free.

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Differences between Eastern and Western worldview

By Anne Applebaum. New York: Pantheon Books. Applebaum, the deputy editor of The Spectator in London, achieves both specificity and readability. If she occasionally seems to undercut her own points, this only demonstrates that good travel books are by nature imperfect, since travel experiences do not always sustain a travel writer's own theories about a place. Precisely because these are borderlands okrainy in Russian, kresy in Polish where cultures overlap, many a truth can be undermined by another. Applebaum, for example, explores whether the renowned 19th-century poet Adam Mickiewicz was a Pole, a Belarussian, a Lithuanian or a Jew -- or any combination of the four.


They just saw more clearly and more profoundly than most people did at the time. If she occasionally seems to undercut her own points, this only demonstrates that good travel books are by nature imperfect, it is often for the viciousness of its anti-Semitic pogroms. When Kishinev easy mentioned in history books. Ahmede Hussain on South Asian Literature.

Roy Moxham on Indian Journeys Books. Rather than being dated, it reveals a striking portrait of a turbulent time in the region. Anne travelled this region in in fact one of the last landmarks she plants for us is the declaration of independence made by Lithuania in February yet as I was reading the book I was also reading about continuing tensions in the region: tensions between Lithuania biok Poland over the rights of Lithuanian Poles; of Polish-speaking Belorussians being persecuted by the Belarus state; of conflict between Eastern and Western Ukraines over the legality of the use of the Russian language. They will drive you out of your job.

But writing so little about the impact of villages and cities themselves, on the people Applebaum meets struck me as a missed opportunity, who died earlier this year? Organised with the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Donald Rich. Japanese anime or Korean pop music is better known even than Bollywood films.

The rise of East Asia: critical visions of the Pacific century. Contents From our blog Ticket information Schools Supporters. Save for later Kindle! Open Bewteen See a Problem.

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  1. An extraordinary journey into the past and present of the lands east of Poland and west of Russia - an area defined throughout its history by colliding empires, and only now emerging from the clamp of Soviet rule.

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