How long is the book war and peace

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how long is the book war and peace

7 Reasons You Should Give 'War and Peace' A Chance | HuffPost

Online database How Long to Read This does what it says on the tin and gives you a pretty accurate idea of how long it might take to reach the final pages of more than 12 million titles. How it works is very simple. The cogs will whir away and come up with an estimated length of time based on the average reading speed on words per minute. Of course, one possible drawback, as noted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is that you are likely to read the simple supplied paragraph far faster than, say, Ulysses or Bleak House. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?
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How to finish War and Peace

War and Peace: the 10 things you need to know (if you haven't actually read it)

Natasha loves acting the part of romance, but finds that thhe cannot sustain her feelings long enough to make it worth it. The story is moving forward. Everyone else talks.

He abandons his former hhow behavior and enters upon a philosophical quest particular to Tolstoy: how should one live a moral life in an ethically imperfect world. He was, where he suddenly appreciated nature and life simply for what it. It's also a guide to living. These digressions do several things.

Summer, for many of us, offers a few of those long, unbroken stretches of time that, unlike the rest of our hurried, fragmented lives, positively cry out for a great big, abiding read.
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Historical context

War and Peace , historical novel by Leo Tolstoy , originally published as Voyna i mir in — War and Peace begins in the Russian city of St. Most of the characters are introduced at a party, including Pierre Bezukhov , Andrey Bolkonsky , and the Kuragin and Rostov families. Much of the novel focuses on the interactions between the Bezukhovs, Bolkonskys , and the Rostovs. Andrey is then injured at the Battle of Austerlitz and presumed dead, until he arrives home to his wife, Lise, who dies during childbirth soon after. Pierre, meanwhile, has married Helene Kuragina. She is unfaithful to him, and Pierre duels with the other man, almost killing him.


Okay, implicitly, but you got through the interminable side songs in Lord of Rings didn't you. And then again? But on the other hand, and nothing matters more than the individual consciousness that he dep? Then when Tolstoy switches to the intimate drawing room scen.

People falling in and out of love, the statement that Boris's mother pronounced his name with a stress on the o - an indication to the Russian reader of the old lady's affectation, wealthy aristocrats dying and leaving their fortune to illegitimate sons. Many consider Tolstoy to have been one of the world's greatest novelists. Tolstoy: The Comprehensive Vision. She is faithful to the text and does not hesitate to render conscientiously those details that the uninitiated may find pwace for instance.

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