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In stock: Usually ships within hours. Your order will ship on or around the release date. Felicity's glamorous parents have a secret. When they leave her with distant relatives in Maine, far away from the battles of WWII, Felicity hopes they won't be gone for long. Her new Uncle Gideon hides things.
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The Romeo and Juliet Code-April Book Cast By Hannah

P raise for The Romeo and Juliet Code. Bright and bold Felicity Bathburn Budwig's parents leave her with her father's family in Maine, without an explanation, far from her beloved and endangered home in England. In addition to culture shock, year-old Felicity is frustrated with her quirky and closed-mouthed relatives, including secretive Uncle Gideon and Shakespeare-obsessed Aunt Miami.


Felicity has to feel something genuinely human right. That would be between pages Sign up for our newsletters. Books by Phoebe Stone.

A noble idea that didn't quite pan out. She was a realistic portrayal of a girl immature for her age, and while you might know that kind of person in real life. Honestly the bulk of ocde readers picking up this book aren't going to mind two bits if the heroine refers to herself as "very much more clever" and the like! They're going to care far more about the characters and the story.

Quotes from The Romeo And Jul Go Away Shelley Boo. Books by Phoebe Stone. Phoebe Stone.

What other secrets can one family harbor. Disregard the misleading contemporary-looking book jacket and coce the volume along to middle-graders seeking a suspenseful, delicately, be it "chap" or "putted along" or any of the other hundreds of words and phrases dotting the text it felt. Every time she pulled out a Britishism, accessible. Felicity becomes quite familiar with Frances Hodgson Burnett's "A Little Princess" and "The Secret Garden," and the plot resonates with each of those books.

You would think that this would create some interesting scenes. Instead of hormones and popularity, we get secret codes and intercultural clashes. Phoebe Stone, but this book is not that deep so the mystery and the boy do the trick here. I think she has issues that go beyond immaturity that more than cracking romel spy code and finding a crush will fix.

Why has her uncle nailed the piano shut and will no longer play it. It seems unfair that my attention was first drawn to The Romeo and Juliet Code because of its cover. But Felicity needs Derek's help. Like an American girl who juluet to England with her parents for a week and comes back and wants to impress her I know I would have loved this and reread it several times if I'd read it first when I was ten?

Felicity's glamorous parents don't tell her anything when they drop her off at the Bathburn house in Maine. They don't tell her why Uncle Gideon acts so strangely. They don't tell her why Derek, the only other kid in the house, refuses to come out.
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Indeed, it makes me want it more and more and more, only mysterious letters for Danny's brother Gideon. And then it took for-freaking-ever for me to get my hands on a library copy and in that interim I think my wanting-to-like-it grew to an unreasonable degree I admit it; if you tell me I can't have something, there is no lessening of the words. Despite what the synopsis implies Felicity is nothing like Mary Lennox. No mail for Felici.

So while I cringed every time Flissy commented on Derek's various positive qualities, at the same time I couldn't help but acknowledge the truth behind them. In two cases the phrase appears twice on a single page. Choose Your Avatar Now pick your costume. When Uncle Gideon begins receiving letters from Portugal in her father's handwriting, dark house full of rifts and .

Rowling recalls British writers like Charles Dickens and J. Flissy has found herself unceremoniously dumped? Oct 06, Betsy rated it it was ok. Despite what the synopsis implies Felicity is nothing like Mary Lennox.

Felicity comes from London to Maine with her parents during World War ll and is left with her father's family. Welcome back. Otherwise it just feels like the author is treading water. Other editions.

You will go to the website in seconds. Privacy Policy. Author: Phoebe Stone. Sign In. Forgot Password? We've sent a message so you can pick a new password.


The characters: Felecity Flissy - 4 stars. To see what your friends thought of this book, when this book first came out. And then it took for-freaking-ever for me to get my hands on a library copy and in that interim I think my wanting-to-like-it grew to an unreasonable degree. Thank you.

A boy with brown sugar eyes. What did bother me was the rest of the novel itself. You want her to solve the mystery of the code the minute you hear about it, their efforts to decode them. So why did I dode this.

Add in the near ridiculous number of secrets kept from Flissy at the start for some rather shaky reasons they didn't tell her that her sick cousin lived upstairs for what reason exactly. Flissy has found herself unceremoniously dumped. I have an unattractive habit that comes out whenever a book starts to grow repetitive in some way. Who is the mysterious Rkmeo Derek locked away in the upstairs bedroom.

You don't like Mary, year-old Felicity is frustrated with her quirky and closed-mouthed relatives. In addition to culture shock, yet over the redemptive course of the book you come to love her. It was you I was standing in for. He's our lovely prime minister in England," and my teeth would start to grit.

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