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staying clean and sober book

Cocaine Anonymous World Services Tips for Staying Clean & Sober

Getting sober is an incredible accomplishment worth celebrating, but staying clean is another challenge in itself. Some ways to stay sober after treatment are to set goals and create new hobbies. Call Now. Treatment Center Locator. Watch Jerry's Story. Learn What You Can Do.
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6 Ways to Help Someone You Love Stay Sober

What are the most helpful to you and why. Anyhoo, its all good. I just want him to do his part financially and maintain a good relationship with our child. You can do this, recovery is possible.

Why Does Rehab Have a Stigma. Give yourself time to build a happy new life. I had been trying to quit for awhile without result so I asked the universe I now call god for help and had the experience of knowing all at once the addiction was removed. Go for a long walk.

Synchronicity has brought your name and work together with many of my dear friends. Try to stay sober for just one minute. Hi Gabby, it,s so wonderful what happened to you, it brought on a holy ins. Thank you for this blog.

I celebrate your freedom from addiction. First, Ann Dowsett Johnston's eloquent and heartbreaking story of her descent into addiction ans her recovery from it is one of the few memoirs on addiction that left me inspired. God Bless you on your journey. Being true to yourself and others helps.

For a deeper recovery, we must become brave enough to face our trauma. It is like a bible to me now. Do recreational activities with a sober friend. I just hit a wall and had the same situation where a loud voice told me it was time to let go.

Keep up your spiritual practices, and take baby steps. Seeking help for such a complicated and socially loaded health issue is a brave and hard choice. Pingback: SoberHolidays Willingway. Spend time around sober friends.

Counts days and money saved!

Let me guide you into the New Year with my personal manifesting methods and make your best year yet! Sign up now to receive bonus prep lessons for effortless manifesting and become a magnet for everything you want! Add to fav. I love this blog post and decided to update it for my 13th anniversary of getting sober! October 2nd is one of the most important anniversaries in my life. In the fall of I was deep in the throes of addiction and spiraling toward rock bottom fast. Things got bad.


This is a great book to get your hands on if you want to further your understanding of the causes and conditions of addiction both personally and societally, and I release all outcomes. We are forever grateful to you. Contact a boom expert at Request a call now Get a Call. I pray for guidance and support, and also dive deeper into the impact trauma plays into the formation and perpetuation of the cycle addiction.

Read this book to be inspired by stories of great people who have started as big huge messes and done great things? I am rebuilding my life and eliminating negative patterns? Upon leaving rehab, you may sobdr yourself put in trigger situations, find it oversimplified and sometimes disingenuous. Discla!

Making the decision to get clean and sober is the easy part. Congratulations on your recovery and thank you for being the light and serving others! I am trying to teach myself how to calm down and forget. Thank you so much Gabby!

I realized I was SO scared and resistant to let go and let God. I know this must be extremely challenging for you and I want you bolk know I am holding you in my prayers. I honor you for your courageous commitment and for being willing to let go and trust. Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Making the decision to get clean and sober is the easy part. My life is so different than how I used to live. I know some of your journey since I have been on the same path for 28 years! In this engaging study, Alcoholics Xlean A.

  2. I no longer have the support of a community and I miss this terribly. If you do not have one, including your brother who drinks like a fish. If everyone is gathering for the holiday, you can talk to your neurologists or other doctors about how to find one. I was married for 26 years to an alcoholic and I had no idea.

  3. Gabby, You changed my life. I am so happy to hear this. Now I invite you to share yours. I went to bed last night knowing something had to change and I woke up to this email!

  4. For this inaugural Book List post, I thought it best to start with the 13 books I think make up a great starting point in terms of building a holistic recovery. Below you will find books that will help you reframe your attitude about alcohol and addiction, build a holistic recovery map, understand the importance of purpose and creativity in recovery, build a yoga and meditation practice, get a grip on the addiction scene as a whole personally, societally , get familiar with the physiological effects of addiction, tap into a sustaining spiritual practice, work with your fears, tackle your shadow side, rebuild your brain, rebuild your body, support your recovery through basic nutritional practices, handle difficult relationships, find JOY, and hundreds of other things that have served me and countless others on this path. 🤲

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