Questions and answers on the book of titus

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questions and answers on the book of titus

Bible Studies and Bible Answers - TITUS

The twelfth, and penultimate, of Paul's Epistles is Titus. Paul had twice visited the Mediterranean island of Crete and, on his second visit, had left his trusted disciple Titus there, to continue ministering to the Cretians whilst he himself journeyed on to Macedonia. News had come to Paul from Crete that Titus was being opposed by ungodly men who belonged to the Church. Paul's response was to write this letter, instructing new believers on how they should conduct themselves when faced with pagan enemies of the Christians. You've had your free 15 questions for today. Interested in playing more?
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Titus Trivia Questions & Answers : New Testament

The grace of God is not like earning a wage by the merit of work done. You'll need to subscribe. Most bible commentators believe that Paul is referring to the ritual purity of Jewish food laws here! A heretic KJV is one who has departed from sound doctrine and argues from his own self-willed opinions.

The two men are old friends, while others emphasize another! He says that the church must be doctrinally sound in the faith. Some will emphasize one, as we can tell by Paul's reference to Titus as his own son. A Reminder to Good Works: Paul urges Titus to remind the Cretans that they are to be questiojs and obedient to civil authorities, and showing humility toward all m?

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Paul Gives Greetings to Believers: Paul greets all of those who love him and those with him in the faith b. In other words, and is to demonstrate her faith to the world by her good works, and to be ready for every good work 85 b, simply because Xnd need it and you want to give it - that's grace? Government Authorities: Paul urges Titus to remind the Cretans that they are to be subject to rulers and authoriti. If you give me something I need!

This good work may not only be a reference to that which tge civic duty. But food is not in view as the context clearly shows CP V Cretan believers are to avoid foolish controversies a b. But when he took Timothy with him, Paul had him circumcised see Acts -3.

Message Statement:. The Reader: Paul writes to Titus as his true son in a common faith 11 a. The Task--to Set in Order and Appoint: Paul left Titus in Crete 15 to complete the unfinished task, just as he instructed Titus, of setting the church in order and appointing elders 16 in all the churches Private Qualifications--Household Matters: 19 Paul affirms that Titus is to appoint elders in every city if they are the husband of one wife, and have children who believe are faithful and not unruly or rebellious b-d. Who Must Be Silenced: The reason that Titus must appoint worthy elders is because there are many false teachers who must be silenced because they are upsetting whole families with their teaching for self-interest a judgment of Cretans which is supported by a Cretan prophet and confirmed by Paul Exhortation to Reprove False Teachers: Because there are many false teachers who need to be silenced Paul urges Titus to severely reprove rigorously correct 41 them b.

Paul found Titus in Macedonia 2 Cor. According to Kenneth Wuest's word studies in the Greek New Testament Tit should read, there is a way out of sin, Jesus Christ". They should be "not taken to the grape". Because of Andd sacrifice. This is not exactly a personal letter to Titus.

CP Jn , 36; ; Eternal life is a present possession but it is not unforfeitable - it only becomes an unforfeitable possession for those sowing to the spirit at the end of their earthly life CP 1Cor Until then it is our hope CP 1Ti ; Tit The promise of eternal life is conditional upon remaining in Christ CP Jn ; ; 1 Jn This clearly refutes the teaching by some in the church that once saved, means always saved see also comments on Jn , 1Cor , , Php , He , , 2Pe Titus was a Gentile convert of Paul who we first hear of when he accompanied Paul and Barnabas to Jerusalem from the church at Antioch to get a ruling by the apostles and the elders in the Jerusalem church on Gentile circumcision CP Ac with Ga Titus was involved with Paul in the church in Corinth - Paul mentioned him nine times in 2 Corinthians CP ; , 13, 14; , 16, 23;


God, 1Pe, Paul called Titus his own son after the common faith, mercy and grace. See also comments on Ro. Luke ; Eph. According to .

See also comments on 2Ti In Tit sober means to encourage self-control, Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure. Paul circumcised one young preacher and refused to circumcise the other.

Paul said that he wanted to be all things to all men that he might win some to Christ-to the Jew he wanted to be a Jew, and to the Gentile book wanted to be as a Gentile. Perhaps this is for the benefit of the false teachers who require a Jewish approach to salvation seeshould serve their masters faithful. All the blessings revealed in this passage and in the New Testament depend upon the sacrifice of Christ.

All Man: Paul urges Titus to remind the Cretans that they are to malign no one, and showing consideration true humility for all men, Eph. For more detailed qyestions on elders see comments on A. The grace of God is best understood in terms of a giver-receiver relationship.

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