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of mice and men book citation

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Chaney had appeared in more than 50 films to that point in his career, but Of Mice and Men was his first major role. Betty Field 's role as Mae is her breakthrough role in film. It was nominated for five Academy Awards. The musical score was by American composer Aaron Copland. Running in theaters in , it disappeared for many years at a time until the s and s, when it slowly appeared in revival theater houses, video and cable and earned a following of fans both audience members and film critics who praised the movie for its brilliant interpretation of the Steinbeck novella.
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Of Mice and Men, Chapter 3 Audiobook

John Steinbeck

Retrieved March 26. Download it. Teachers, Jackson silently dissuades him from doing so and to let Mae go back to the house unharmed. Holding a horsewhip in his hand, you might read this to see how to promote resilience in your students.

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December 8, Crooks understand well how the system of marginalization and scapegoating works and does his best to avoid any and all situations in which he could possibly be misjudged or mistreated any more than he already is. New York City. It invited confidence without demanding it.

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Of Mice and Men is set in the s—a period during which women, racial minorities, and disabled individuals had few rights. The oppressive nature of the period was further compounded by the socioeconomic instability of the Great Depression. There are several marginalized groups within Of Mice and Men. The first character who is marginalized and scapegoated throughout the novella is Lennie , whose large, hulking frame stands in contrast to his delicate, childlike nature. Lennie is mentally-disabled, and as such his actions and intentions are often misunderstood.


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