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Amazon buyers choose Barnes & Noble for returns - CNET

I walked around, caught my breath, and scoped out a few books which had caught my interest. Then, as I was leaving, I noticed a sign detailing a new return policy. Apparently, the entire chain now only accepts returns within 14 days, and then, only with a receipt. She did tell me about one exception, however — books received as gifts can be returned within 30 days so long as there is a gift receipt. Most bookstores only accept returns that are in new condition — that means the spine must be unbroken, the pages clean, the cover crisp. Forcing someone to have a receipt, even for a book that has been given as a gift, is certainly within the rights of the store, but it seems unnecessary and mean-spirited. More obnoxious still is the fact that fourteen days is an undeniably short window of time to arrange for a return if a book is unwanted but an awfully long period of time in which to keep up with a slip of paper.
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Amazon buyers choose Barnes & Noble for returns

All the customer service person can tell me was "I am sorry", even for a book that has been given as a gift. Yes, you can definitely get a 6 month free trial of Student Prime if you connect a student's. Forcing someone to have a rec. I searched for a book called Siddhartha and I found it.

Amazon returns are a pain in the butt, repackaging and all. Anonymous anonymous Sep 08, Will never shop here again. Order used books when available check the ratings via Amazon Marketplace.

But when someone has a valid receipt?. Write a private message as Barnes And Noble verified representative. I forgot the book and purchased another one at the airport bbooks back on the 14th day from vacation. I pay loads to rent a USED dissection manual and then it's missing pages.

Learn to keep receipts and if you don't like something, don't blame them for laziness. Mine was a French dictionary I agree with the original poster. I explained I had just received the item and it oboks still sealed in their plastic wrap.

Items Restricted For A Return

Uswd Information Complete Barnes and Noble customer service contact information including steps to reach representatives, hours of operation. Spent all day trying to open or login in. The product is not what you expected. The rep was totally unhelpful on the phone and can't tell me the status of the order.

And he'll make note on my account that they access? The books arrived 2 weeks later! The above list should come in handy when you decide to return an item back. Ebay, half!

I takes to the manager and explained the situation The packing slip must be attached to the box which will help regurn postal service to deliver it on the right address. Plus, I'll be able to have my textbooks before I start school. Or several items that added up to the value.

There were no other options. Bokos go to the store- they won't accept it because it's a textbook which they apparently don't do returns in store. Returned a Nook, in box and unopened,to return center as instructed by customer service. I will not walk into a bn store or do bu.

I bought a book from Barnes and Noble and then tried to return it. It was a book on statistics and the person I bought it for is not taking a Statistics course this fall anymore. Despite it being in the bag it was purchased in, in pristine condition and with the receipt it was purchased with, I was told it could not be returned for cash. I was returning it after the "14 day" allowable window for returns. I didn't know of any such window, but I was smugly told it was on the back of the receipt and that I should have read it. I called the customer support line and was told that since I was not a Barnes and Noble book club member, they would not help me. I don't read small print on the back of receipts.

If you are outside the United States dial, A couple points:. LakeWashington replies threads Senior Member. This is the list for different products and how their refund will be treated. I left the store with a gift card, which is unsatisfactory.

We have changed the way we log in on College Confidential. Read more here. Ecollegy 15 replies 2 threads New Member. August edited August in Parents Forum. If you are considering purchasing books online, please try to check the return policy -- for returning to a retail store or returning by a shipment.


I can understand the no refund, but why is a book with missing pages being rented to me in the first place??. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is interesting to see the difference in return policies. Name rsturn.

This article will be crucial because of the nature of the return policy Barnes and Noble uses. Some have even had a measure of success. Someone may want to tell your employees there are other options beside Barnes and Noble for customers. A true bibliophile always run the risk of discovering that she has just bought a copy of a book that already exists in her library.

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  1. With no return after 14 days. Can I or would that be a waste of time to try. Barnes And Noble Bookstore. Worst return policy ever.

  2. When your Return process is completed and accepted then your refund process initiates. Compared to Amazon, BN has become far too slow and incompetent. Hence you cannot return these items even after one hour from your purchase. Original review: May 21, I am extremely upset with these services.

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